Epic locations in Western Australia for dog family portraits

You may recall a post from last year about Darcey the Dachshund. This is the story of one of the many who stepped up to support Darcey and her family, and continue to give generously to others in need.

Michelle and Craig live with their two dachshunds, horses and cats in Esperance, Western Australia. Being big Long Dogs supporters, with even bigger hearts, Michelle bought an EPIC number of raffle tickets in the fundraiser, and won our first prize package that included a photo shoot for her dogs, plus a framed print. When she found out she’d won she did say that came up to the city sometimes, but when I found out where they lived I was planning a road trip immediately.

Immediately didn’t come off quite as planned due to snap lockdowns in 2021, but Michelle and Craig generously suggested we camp on their property when we visited, which we did. And what an amazing haven they have created, complete with a dachshund proof garden.

We rocked up after our 8 1/2 hour drive to be warmly greeted by the family, and treated to a delicious curry. When they open up their dachshund friendly accommodation I think it will be booked out in no time. 

I hadn’t been to Esperance for a long time, but I those images of white sand and granite rock beaches were etched on my mind, so I knew I wanted to do a beach shoot. The weather was a bit dicey with some wind and rain, but that usually makes for more interesting skies.

Dachshunds being dachshunds we were keen to have a beach to ourselves sans other dogs, and luckily that wasn’t too hard. We had to mix things up a couple of times to reduce distractions but that is all part of the fun.

Between fires and bereavements its taken a while to get their final choices sorted and printed, but today I was delighted to apply maximum bubble wrap and dispatch their prize.

If you live in an amazing part of Western Australia and would be interested in an on-location pet and family experience, I’d love to talk to you about it.


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