Tex and Astro

I first met Tex and Astro’s parents at a Long Dogs quiz night where were all raising funds for Dachshund Rescue Australia. At the time they only had Tex, but you could tell they had the dashie bug and I was unsuprised to hear they had added Astro to their family not long after.

The boys don’t mind a good bark, and despite having spent a fun (and treat) filled afternoon photo session with them in the studio, the next time I saw them out and about at a group walk they gave me a talking to. It is also possible they have a more extensive wardrobe than I do, and definitely have a better sense of style.

Dachshunds are a specialty at Furbag, so if you want to celebrate your dog as a work of art, book a phone consult and we can get the ball rolling. No Smudge, not your ball.. Good dog. 

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