Giving Back

I have been the lucky recipient of support and encouragement from many unexpected sources in my life. It is a real privilege to able to use my photography to give back to causes that I love.

Jack the dachshund

Shutter Paws

There are a lot of wonderful animal rescue and charity groups in Western Australia.  I’m fortunate to have joined the amazing Shutter Paws team in 2016, photographing adoption profile pictures for critters needing new homes.

This volunteer work has brought me into the homes of some of the amazing local foster carers, and introduced me to cats, dogs and even lizards. 


Dachshunds are well represented in my portfolio.  This is primarily there are a lot of sausage dogs in my life. Photographing the dachshund breed is a special joy of mine.

Our dogs, Smudge and Sausage are both recycled dachshunds. They adopted us through Long Dogs WA and Dachshund Rescue Australia respectively. Our lives have never been richer. They connect us to a generous, supportive, vibrant dog loving community.

Over the years I’ve had a ball (pardon the pun) photographing monthly walks, fundraising events, photo booths and calendars.

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