Wall art collection

Your beautiful pet portraits are available framed, on canvas, on acrylic blocks, albums and more. We’ll talk about the options that suit your home in our initial consult so I know I’ll be shooting with your end result in mind.

Popular, ready to hang canvas collections start at $1295.

Framed ‘hero’ pieces start at $495.

Desktop sized ‘frame yourself’ prints start at $105.

Check out the product guide to get your imagination kick started and we can chat about your favourite options.

Product Guide

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Frequently asked

is there a session fee?

I don’t currently charge a session or sitting fee. If I don’t create  warm and fuzzy portraits you can’t live without then I haven’t done my job.

Can I be in the pictures with my pet?

Absolutely! I encourage you to be in at least some of the pictures, but it is up to you. Children are also welcome if they are going to be included in the pictures, however I recommend bringing a partner of friend to spend time with your kids while we focus on your furbaby’s solo shots.

Can we do a concept shoot?

Now you’re talking my language. If you have a specific idea in mind, I’m love to hear about it.  If there are props or a set involved there may be some additional expenses we’ll need to discuss, but I love images that tell a story.

What should i wear?

As a general rule I recommend plain, solid colours.

My dog can’t be off lead – is that ok?

Totally, 100% fine.   A studio shoot is also an alternative.

how do I know if my cat will cooperate?

Let’s assume your cat is not going to cooperate.  That’s my starting point and that’s A-ok.  I regularly photograph cats that have just arrived at their foster carer’s house, and we’ve got some great cat portraits from those sessions. It’s a matter of taking our time.

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Let’s chat about how we can create warm and fuzzy photographs of your furbaby. I’ll send you a product guide to get your imagination kick-started.

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