First things first

 You know your pet better than anyone.  The first thing we will be is have a conversation about your pet’s personality, any specific concepts you have in mind, and how you’re wanting to display your finished art work.
Based on this conversation we’ll decide on whether a studio or on location session is best for you and your furry family, agree on dates and answer any questions you might have about the process or final products. 

The fun stuff

The actual session will be fun. The most important thing is to make sure your pet is comfortable and enjoying the experience.  That usually means getting you to relax and not worry about what your pet is or isn’t doing.

Peeing in the studio?  It’s been done before? No sit and stay or no recall? Leads are fine – safety first.

It may not look or feel like it at the time, but I’ll be getting amazing images through my lens that will delight you. We allow plenty of time for each session so we work at your pet’s pace. 

Behind the scenes

After your session your pet will likely sleep on the way home and require a much smaller dinner than usual.

I’ll be going through your images to select the very best for you to view.  The number and variety may vary depending on the art work you have in mind.  

Ordering session

I like to do the ordering session in person where possible, but we can also do this via Zoom if need be. After you watch your session video we’ll work through your gallery of images and I’ll guide you through the selection process.

Most galleries will have 20-30 images so the choices don’t become overwhelming, but if you have a album in mind there will likely be more. Make sure you have all the important decision makers at your ordering session.

Once you’ve made your choices I’ll put the finishing touches on your selection and arrange the printing of your order.


I have a number of great spots around Perth, or we can choose a place that is special to your and your dog. If we’re shooting outside we’ll arrange early morning of late afternoon sessions so be sure to let me know if you’re a morning person (or not).

Cats will normally be more comfortable at your home, though many will happily adapt to a studio session as well.

border collie and legs

Get In Touch

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