Sausage may only be pint sized, but she suffers from a giant case of Fear Of Missing Out On Food. 

She’s now 10 years old, but there is nothing wrong with her hearing.  She can hear the fridge door opening from anywhere in the house and I think she can hear a cheese wrapper from about a suburb away.

Weight of the World (COVID Kilos)

When we were working from home full time we needed to make sure we took regular breaks away from the computer, which seems to translate into frequent snacks, elastic waist bands and happy dogs. We enjoyed hearing Pluto the Schnauzer talk about the importance of button pants.

Somehow the humans packed on the weight, while the dogs stayed in pretty good shape.  Likely because we didn’t let a day go by without getting out and about for the allowed walk which was sufficient for those with little legs and not so much for the taller folk.

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