My personal project for 2021 was a series titled “Hounded”.

I strayed beyond my dachshund speciality to explore the hound grouping more broadly, and was delighted to feature a range of hounds from Walt the 45kg greyhound to 10kg Rio, the Basenji who can out pace Usain Bolt over 100m.

These elegant dogs were a total delight to work with and gave me a great excuse to work with some coloured backdrops.

The images formed part of the Spectrum exhibition at gallery Central, Northbridge, and were featured on the Digital Display Tower in Yagan Square over the month of December.  It was such a thrill to see them up there in lights at massive scale.  I know their families got a real kick out of it too.  

One of the images has also been added to the North Metro TAFE art collection which is very exciting.

I know there are a lot more hounds out there than the five varieties in this set, so if you have a hound and want to help me expand the series, register your interest.  There might be a book or a calendar in this concept.

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