My heart goes out to those people who needed to tap into their retirement savings to make ends meet last year.  My fear is that this policy disproportionately affected those who could least afford it.

In fairness, Smudge is a natural saver and used to bury his pig ears and chewable treats in the back yard in case of a rainy day.  Then his cousin, Jaya, would visit, and go around the garden digging them up and eating them,  They were truly disgusting by this stage.

Sadly, his sister Sausage does not like to share treats, and gets quite cranky if he comes anywhere near her while she has a chewable, so no more pigs ears and save-for-later treats are allowed.

If he did have savings in his piggy bank, Smudge would likely spend them on tennis balls as they are his favourite thing next to cheese.

And no, this is not really a tiny hammer and no Smudge did not have this in his mouth.  Here lies the magic of photoshop.

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