Calling All Staffy Lovers : A Rescue Dog Photo Session

I frequently volunteer to photograph adoptable dogs for SABBR (Staffy and Bully Breed Rescue). I love to hear about the stories of the dogs in their care, but also about the carers themselves. Some carers are veterans, others just starting out of their fostering adventure.

Beautiful six year old brindle staffy, Kane, looks like the perfect first time foster dog for mark and his family. As former staffy owners they know the breed and are helping Kane to get into peak condition, including a pre shoot bath. Kane is thriving in their care and is now ready to meet and greet potential new families.

Kane is a delightful housemate. He has good manners, likes a ball, loves treats and can de-squeak a toy in record time. He’s not super dog social just yet but who here is perfect? You can read more about Kane on his SavourLife profile.

If you have a Kane shaped hole in your life, get in touch with SABBR and enquire about adoption.

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