People and their pets : beloved staffy, Sumo and his peeps in a summer photo shoot

I’ve just delivered Sumo’s photos to his gorgeous people. Sumo is a sweet blue staffy who is adored by everyone who knows him.

Olivia and Cooper were great sports and got out of bed super early so we could beat the heat and the crowds. We tried out this new (to me) location and I absolutely loved the variety it offered. I think Sumo’s favourite part was right at the end when he wandered off towards the lake, slipped in and had to be fished out by his dad. Or it could have been playing with the ball, or hoovering down treats. Which ever way you look at it, that staffy smile was well represented.

Lots of people aren’t comfortable in front on the camera. That’s where dogs come in. Dogs will break the tension, make you laugh and suprise you. There’s nothing like that sudden tongue up the nose to make you forget someone is sticking a camera in your face. For fun lifestyle images that will make you smile whenever you see them these outdoor sessions with the whole family are perfect.

The good news is that the days are starting to get shorter again, which means morning sessions aren’t quite as early as these guys had to handle. Get in touch if you’re an early bird with a dog who is ready for their closeup.

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