Dachshunds at Lake Gwelup

The first Long Dog walk of 2021 was at Lake Gwelup this morning. It was a glorious day, and it was great to get out early before the summer heat set in.

I’ve been sporting a small injury so I wasn’t able to hang around long or get as low as I’d like which was a little sad. However, in the short time I was there I got to have puppy cuddles with some adorable doggos on their first group walk, including our headline long haired dapple beauty, Dusty.

I have to admit I also got caught out snuggling some random non-dachshund for 5 minutes while the owner was waiting for it to come to her (sorry – didn’t notice and fluffy was so cute).

I love photographing Long Dogs events, but always come away wishing I could spend more time with each of them. 74 dogs, 60 minutes. It’s just not enough!

Enjoy and I hope we meet again soon.

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  1. Wow, 74 dogs is seriously impressive, especially as your photos are so lovely! We are in the UK so not sure when we’ll get to go to similar events again (and it’s also the depths of winter!)

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