A gentleman’s guide to good grooming

They say the difference between a bad hair cut and a good hair cut is three days. The reality is that that our dog Smudge only just got his first good hair cut this week – at nearly nine years of age. That’s on us, not him.

Our boy is dog reactive, which made us a little reactive to the world. We’ve been home hair cuts all the way which was hard work for all of us here at Clan Matheson. Our Furbag cover image is Smudge at his most scruffy after a good rummage in the garden and just before a bath and brush.

Following a run in with a wayward grass seed we determined that the time had come to give a professional groomer a shot at getting our boy’s do in order.

I has a bit of a hunt around online to see who there was locally and found the folk at Doggie Amour could accommodate dogs who might need a little extra. On the advise from the owner we booked an early session and went with the softly softly approach.

We got a doggy mani pedi, a shampoo and blow dry, a clip around the ears and short back and sides.

Apparently Smudge wasn’t naughty but he was very knotty.

The difference between a determined amateur and a professional is hardly suprising and remarkable. We’ll be making a professional groom a part of our regular beauty regime from now on with a big beautiful thank you to the lovely team at https://www.doggieamour.com.au/ in Belmont.

5 thoughts on “A gentleman’s guide to good grooming”

  1. A good puppy grooming is so important for getting good photos from your great dog photographer, especially in Belmont, AU!

  2. Great insight for someone who hasn’t quite pulled the plug on professional grooming. I had a dog who hated the blow dryer, but with the right groomer he has no problems getting dried off

  3. Vetting a groomer can be so important, especially for reactive dogs. Our people being in a case of hotdogs to help while trimming the nails of our girl. She abhors her feet touched!

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