Sage advice from a young dog

When I’m photographing rescue animals as a Shutter Paws volunteer I’m usually going to a foster carer’s home. Some dogs are ok to go to a park which is lovey, but I always check with the carer so we can determine the best approach. Young Sage came into foster care from the country and is still adjusting to some aspects of city life, so we decided that a park was going to be a tad distracting for her photo shoot.

Instead we set up in her foster carer’s lounge room. Dog in residence, Axel is cool, calm and collected and was 100% ok to step outside and leave us to it.

Sage’s foster family are first time fosterers, but they are rocking it big time. That might because foster dad is a drum teacher (boom tish).

As a young dog who had spent some time in kennels before being placed in foster care, Sage needed some training and they are doing a great job helping her mature into a wonderful canine companion.

If your life is missing flavour, Sage might be perfect for you. Sage is under the care of Canine Welfare Australia and you can learn more about her at on her Savourlife profile.


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