Doggy Christmas photos with Santa 2021

At Furbag we know dogs are family, so it was great to get so many people in the pictures with their pups.  Some families are growing in size and number.  I’m not sure we can do a bigger couch,  so we might need to think about a two-tiered set up for next year.

It was such a delight seeing dogs coming back in for their second or third annual Christmas photo, and lovely to see their new sisters and brothers, both the furred and non-furred variety.

 Last year tiny Daisy, Kobe and Theo were just puppies.  Theo now has a new kid brother, and Daisy and Kobe are all grown up.  Dave is still a puppy at heart and his new little guy is just the cutest thing.

It’s sad of course to know that some of last year’s dogs are with us anymore and while we loved seeing Hope we know how much her family misses the ever graceful grey, Misty.

Santa was a big hit with dogs like Baxter, and less so with some of the others. We like to take the time to warm up and that works out 95% of the time.  We do want this to be a fun thing for dogs and their folks, so sometimes Santa just has to step aside.  That said, Bob has traditionally been a bit unsure about the guy in the red suit, but totally settled in for cuddles and treats this time around.

I hope everyone who came along enjoyed the Santa Paws experience and love their photos.  We are big fans of feedback, so hope you’ll take the time to fill in the feedback form. If you missed out this year, be sure to sign up to the mailing list (and add us to your safe sender list) so you get early notification of special events like this.

A big thank you to Santa and Santa’s helpers, to Jenn from HoundsHQ – (did you check out that pawsome advent calendar? And those cute Christmas bandanas) and to our host Amanda and the crew from Happy Tails Doggy Day Care.

We wish you all a happy and safe Christmas and hope to hear from you in the new year if you need beautiful portraits in your life.

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