Darcey the dachshund’s survival story

Dachshund with a ball

Darcey the dachshund was attacked by another dog while holidaying with her family. With an emergency dash across the state of South Australia, emergency surgery, endless love from her ma and pa, and support from the dachshund and coaster communities she has not only survived, but thrived. This is just a small part of her story.

There are a couple of images in the video which show Darcey’s injury, so please be mindful if this is going to cause distress.

Darcey came to live with Sharleen and Mel through Dachshund Rescue Australia seven years ago.

Sharleen and Mel are beloved members of the dachshund community and have regularly volunteered, donated and managed fundraising for dachshunds in need.  When they themselves were in need it was a privilege to get involved and show support in whatever way we could. The response from the community was amazing.

Although Sharleen says in the video that Darcey is 100% the same as she was before the incident, large crowds do make Darcy a little more nervous now than she used to be.  It is a tribute to Mel and Sharleen that Darcey is as confident and calm as she is.

While Long Dogs WA raised nearly $10,000  in three short days, much of that money was ultimately not needed for her care, and has since been redirected to the support of other dachshunds in need.

Furbag donated the first prize in the fund raising raffle, and we recently got down to the town of Esperance to visit with the prize winners.  There is a follow-up interview with Michelle which I hope to share with you all soon.

10 thoughts on “Darcey the dachshund’s survival story”

    1. Thanks so much Karen. She not impressed with me back at work. Has got very used to my lap in last 6 months

  1. Hi Sharleen, I have tears running down my face after watching this. Darcy is one very lucky little girl. I would love one more cuddle with her, she is so brave and ultra cute. xx

    1. Wow. So fortunate that Darcy survived this awful experience. It would take a long long time fir me to get through these issues. Sending hugs to dear Darcy.

      1. Louise, it’s taken me a long time to get over it, and don’t think I ever will completely, but Sarah doing this video sort of boxed it up for me. Made it a bit easier. Hope it never does happen for you

    2. Denise, we were blessed to have you there in Gawler, and we were there for each other. You will definitely see her again, be assured

  2. lillian McRostie

    Oh Sharleen the tears came when i saw the raw wound on Darcy’s side. She is a gutsy little lady alright. Love to the 3 of you.

    1. Lillian, you saw how plucky she was walking with us on the jetty. When I saw you, I wasn’t capable of looki g at that photo, let alone sharing it. So glad you saw her recovering, and we will see you again next year x

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