Scraps and Matilda at the beach

 love the beach. So do Scraps and Matilda. They are lucky to live near one of Western Australia’s lovely dog beaches so I got to capture Matilda’s first day at the beach.  It’s like the first day or school, only better. Winning!

Scraps is a pretty calm fella.  He’s an IVDD survivor and a true gentleman. He and I have met many times at Long Dogs events and we have a kind of special bond.  He was one of the super stars in the photo booth a few years back with his jaunty hat.

His new sister Matilda has the heart of a lion.  Those waves rolling in, and while she found them interesting , they were nothing to be afraid of.  There were two sets of eyes on her at all times of course – it was a little chilly for any of us to be going in for a dip.

I love shooting on location and finding new spots to have a good romp while we capture beautiful moments.  It’s so easy to forget how quickly puppies grow and I’m so glad that this family will have images of Matilda as a wee tacker to treasure when she’s old and grey round the muzzle.


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